Are you searching for a rewarding career with a great team of talented people who are leaders in their fields – from research, engineering and agronomy to information technology, supply chain and marketing? Do you believe in driving results in a friendly environment that is open to creative ideas and diverse perspectives?

If so, you've come to the right place: AdvanSix, a company that is built on the virtues of teamwork, innovation and customer focus, in a fun, entrepreneurial environment. We are:

  • A leading manufacturer of nylon 6 resins and films, which are used to make products important to everyday life – from automotive parts, carpeting, and food packaging to wire and cable, building materials and sports apparel
  • Fully integrated into many important building blocks of chemistry, including caprolactam, ammonium sulfate fertilizers, and many other chemical intermediates used to make products that make our world better
  • Respected by customers far and wide as trusted partners that can be counted on for quality products, sustainable solutions and reliable supply

A career at AdvanSix means opportunity and possibility for people who seek variety, responsibility and hands-on experience in a friendly, dynamic workplace. Please take a minute to learn more about AdvanSix and to check out what career opportunities are available for you today!

Title Job ID Category Location
*Reliability Engineer 296 Integrated Supply Chain Chester, Virginia
.AdvanSix Infrastructure Project Manager 430 Engineering Hopewell, Virginia
.Civil /Structural Engineer 357 Engineering Hopewell, Virginia
.Civil Designer 536 Engineering Hopewell, Virginia
.Designer - Electrical/ Instrumentation 383 Engineering Chester, Virginia
.Designer - Electrical/ Instrumentation 371 Engineering Hopewell, Virginia
.Designer - Electrical/ Instrumentation 365 Engineering Hopewell, Virginia
.Designer/CAD Specialist 410 Engineering Hopewell, Virginia
.Elec/Instr Engineer 353 Engineering Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
.Electrical/ Instrumentation Engineer 361 Engineering Hopewell, Virginia
.Project Controls Specialist 429 Engineering Hopewell, Virginia
.Project Engineer 447 Engineering Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
.Project Engineer 348 Engineering Chester, Virginia
.Project Engineer 411 Engineering Hopewell, Virginia
.Project Manager 417 Engineering Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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